How to Unlock Butterfly on Snapchat

The butterfly lens on Snapchat is a fun way to get creative with your selfies. It’s easy to unlock, too! Just follow these steps:

How to Unlock Butterfly Lens on Snapchat

To unlock the butterflies lens on Snapchat, you need to be using the latest version of Snapchat and have your camera facing you. You also need to have your eyes open while looking at the screen. Make sure that you are holding your phone in front of you and not upside down or sideways. Next, make sure that there is plenty of space between the camera and any objects in front of it so that it can focus properly on your face. Finally, ensure that both fingers are on top of each other (not spread apart) for several seconds before snapping a photo with either hand.

Tap the screen to make more butterflies appear. Do not tap too hard, or the butterflies will disappear. If you tap too many times, the filter will stop working.

Butterflies will appear all around you!

Once you’ve unlocked the butterflies lens, it will be available for use in the camera. When you open up Snapchat and swipe to the left-hand side of your Snap Map, you’ll see three tabs: friends, search, and lenses. The butterflies lens is located in the “Lenses” tab.

The first thing to note about this lens is that it only appears when you’re using one of Snapchat’s built-in cameras (i.e., not using an external app like Instagram Lens Studio). If a butterfly shows up on your screen as soon as you open up Snapchat with this particular camera-enabled, then congrats—you’ve got it!

Butterflies can appear anywhere on your screen while in selfie mode: they can fly around in front of your face or behind it; they might even get stuck under your chin or hang out near your nose if they feel so inclined. They’ll flutter away after a few seconds (or when tapped), but sometimes they come back if there’s enough movement going on within view range (like someone waving their hand).


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned how to unlock the butterfly lens on Snapchat. The app is made for fun, so why not have a little fun with it? Who knows, maybe this will be your next favorite filter!

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